Vouching for a better world

Gyftie is a financial reputation system designed with collaborative intelligence to help empower the world. We align personal integrity with financial self-interest in a manner that accelerates growth, reduces fraud, and reduces poverty. It all starts with a simple Gyft (GFT).


A public recordkeeping system with verifiable integrity.

Vouch to Earn

Invite your friends, vouch for them and you both get rewarded with GFT token.

Propose & Collaborate

Earn more when you participate. Everyone has a vote and can even propose changes.


If someone cheats the system, we close the account and share ½ the coins with the Gyftie Community and ½ with the investigator.


Join the hive

The Gyftie Hypothesis is that collaborative-intelligent-interaction and real-time-adaptability is sufficient to address & adapt to the various issues as they arise. Help us to improve and evolve Gyftie by collaboration and proposals.